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FeministNetworks would be a website run and maintained by the National Coalition for Men (NCFM). It is a website that addresses existing networks and agendas of individuals and groups that identify themselves with Feminism. It would be a professional, science and fact based website that does not incorporate any opinion that represent believes of our members or our organizations. Material on this website would be collected from reliable sources such as academic journals, governmental records, media reports, etc. In other words, documented facts. By design, the website could be cited in researches, studies, governmental reports, or by anyone who requires reliable information on Feminism as a valid source of information.

FeministNetworks seeks to answer these questions: “What is Feminism? Who are the Feminists? What are their goals? How are their groups sustained? Who are they involved with? What is their effect on the society? ” In answering these questions the website would disclose Feminism’s connection to both macro issues such as economy, politics, culture, ideology, environment, and micro issues such as those in workplaces, on school campuses, by the streets and amongst crowds. The website seeks to raise awareness of Feminist organizations’ involvement in issues such as , the Wall Street, legal service providers, government policies, Hollywood, Marxism, Socialism, immigration, Islam, green energy, etc. Issues that have for the most part escaped public scrutiny in conjunction with Feminism.

The end result would a site that would be able to explain and illustrate the full extent of Feminism to anyone who visits, even those who have no understanding of Feminism whatsoever. In presentation the website would be a mix between websites such as professorwatchlist.org, which offers ease of use and modern aesthetics, and websites such as discoverthenetworks.org, which presents an array of categorized topics related to the subject matter. Our website would adopt the best aspects of these aspect and fuse them into an integrated whole.

The website is in both spirit and substance a homage to discoverthenetworks.org, which provides a powerful search engine on the issue of the Political Left. Our website instead offers a research tool on the issue of Feminism. The site would provide a database of profiles containing individuals, groups and organizations, and reveals histories, agendas and funding sources of these entities. Such information that is not easily accessible on the Internet would be made readily available on this site and the sources whose veracity and authenticity can be checked without difficulty.

Like discoverthenetworks.org, FeminstNetworks would also contain a database of articles from both the academia and journalism, which analyze the relationships revealed in the database of profiles. These articles would form a collection of informed opinions from scholars and journalists who assess the matter at hand from a subjective perspective, and the source of these articles would be made available in each case to facilitate easy reference for the website users.

We recognize that the website would inevitably be subject to inaccuracy in the collection and categorization of data, and would dedicate some of its capacities to the invitation and acceptance of external contributions. Visitors who have identified errors on our website would have the option to submit correction to the website administrator. They would also be encouraged to contribute additional information to our databases.

The purpose of FeministNetworks is not to infuse prejudice or pre-conception of a social phenomenon, but to disclose every aspect of its existence. We acknowledge the difficulties of our task, since the academia and feminists themselves have difficulties defining what “Feminism” means. The definition of the term changes over time, with each wave of Feminist movement pursing different goals and agendas with the support of different groups and advocates. But the website would promote in-depth discourse on the subject matter, and the truthfulness and accuracy of our information would be the paramount importance of this website.