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People for the American Way

People for the American Way

Women’s March Partner

Founded: 1980

Founder: Norman Lear

Website: http://www.pfaw.org/


1101 15th Street, NW, Suite 600

Washington, DC 20005



  • Monitors right-wing organizations
  • Originally founded to oppose Moral Majority, a Christian right organization
  • Opposed Bush administration’s attempt to “to pack the courts” with conservative judges, together with NARAL, NWLC, NOW and NAACP
  • Consist of PFAW Foundation (501c(3)) and PFAW Action Fund (501c(4))


Started off as a Tides Foundation Project

Majority of funding comes from donations by individuals and foundations.

Heavily supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Arca Foundation, the Bauman Family Foundation, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the JEHT Foundation, the Minneapolis Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, the Scherman Foundation, the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy, the Lear Family Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Public Welfare Foundation, the Streisand Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and many others

2008 – 2017 federal grants: N/A

Key people:

Michael Keegan, President & CEO (Bio)

Nick Ucci, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Margery F. Baker, Executive Vice President for Policy and Program (Bio)

President’s Office

Sue Edwards, Special Assistant to the President


Diane Laviolette, General Counsel

Communications & Research

Drew Courtney, Vice President for Communications and Research (Bio)
Miranda Blue, Research Editor (Bio)
Kyle Mantyla, Senior Fellow (Bio)
Peter Montgomery, Senior Fellow (Bio)
Layne Amerikaner, Senior Communications Manager for Writing and Content
Melinda Warner, Senior Investigative Researcher
Courtney Neale, Press Secretary

Online Strategy

Kristen Smith, Vice President for Constituent Engagement
Ben Betz, Director of Digital Advocacy and Marketing
Marie Lindberg, Digital Content Manager
Katherine O’Connell, Digital Communications Coordinator
Bradley Williams, Digital Organizing Coordinator

Public Policy

Paul Gordon, Senior Legislative Counsel (Bio)
Jen Herrick, Senior Policy Analyst
Diallo Brooks, Director of Outreach and Public Engagement (Bio)
Rio Tazewell, Manager of the Government By the People Campaign
Elliot Mincberg, Senior Fellow (Bio)
Arn Pearson, Senior Fellow (Bio)

PFAW Political

Lizet Ocampo, Political Director (Bio)

PFAW Foundation – Young Elected Officials Network

Svante Myrick, Director of Youth Leadership Programs (Bio)
Dawn Huckelbridge, Senior Advisor on Policy and YEO State Strategies (Bio)
Linda Inge, Office Manager
Raquel Jones, Membership Services Associate
Taif Jany, Policy Coordinator

PFAW Foundation – Young People For

Christin “CiCi” Battle, Director of Young People For (Bio)
Haley Miller, Fellowship Program Manager
Andrea Sosa, Policy and Civic Engagement Manager
Saryn Francis, Communications Associate
Alicia Morejon, Curriculum and Leadership Associate
Christopher Hooten, Advanced Leadership and Alumni Coordinator

African American Religious Affairs

Minister Leslie Watson Malachi, Director (Bio)
Jasmine Bowden, Administrative Coordinator


Kristen Smith, Vice President for Constituent Engagement
Scott Yanish, Director of Development Operations
Louise Balsmeyer, Associate Director of Major Gifts
Erik Lampmann, Program Advancement Manager
Rachel Foster, Membership and Planned Giving Coordinator
Aarthi Ram, Development Research Associate
Ashton Taylor, Membership Representative

Finance & Administration

David J. Perlman, Chief Financial Officer
Anne Walter, Controller
Rocky Samuel, Network Administrator
Quinton Weddington, Administrative Services Assistant

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