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Communist Party USA

Communist Party the USA

Women’s March Partner

Founded: 1919

Founder: Charles Emil Ruthenberg

Website: www.cpusa.org


235 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011


  • Controlled by the Soviet Union for most of its history.
  • Engaged in espionage, infiltrated unions, and used front groups.
  • Acted as a fifth column in the American government and society.


Membership dues

2008 – 2017 federal grants: N/A

Key people:

National Committee

National Chair
John Bachtell is our new national chairman. John was formerly the party’s district organizer in Illinois. Originally from Ohio, John has worked as a leader of the Young Communist League and later as head of the party in New York. He plays guitar and is an avid gardener, vegetarian, cook, and swimmer.

Roberta Wood is the former labor editor of peoplesworld.org. A retired steelworker and electrical instrument mechanic, Roberta was a founder of the Steelworkers Women’s Caucus and is an active member of the Coalition of Labor Union Women. She loves baking and eating chocolate with her seven grandkids!

Party and Social Media Coordinator
Joe Sims is the new party and social media coordinator. He was formerly co-editor of peoplesworld.org and worked for many years at politicalaffairs.net. Joe enjoys biking and dramatic storytelling.

Rosanna Cambron is also the party’s district organizer in Southern California. She is an active member of Military Families Speak Out. In her spare time, Rossanna enjoys working with bobbin lace, embroidering, and genealogy.

Joelle Fishman heads our political action committee and chairs the Connecticut Communist Party. She is recording secretary of the CT Alliance for Retired Americans and is appointed to the City of New Haven Peace Commission.

Josh LeClair, a labor and anti-racist activist from Florida, leads the CP district in the Sunshine State. Josh chairs the party’s labor commission and enjoys fishing, surfing, and soccer.

Tony Pecinovsky hails from St. Louis and worked as the district organizer of Missouri and Kansas. He’s taking on a new job as co-editor of peoplesworld.org. Tony’s loves playing drums and collecting bronze and silver age comics.

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